Little story of (unsuccessful) scams on LinkedIn

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

First of all @Napoleon thanks for sharing!

I actually like LinkedIn as a service and use it a lot. To do my bit, I recently received an invitation through an internal message related to IT certification exams from several companies, innocent of me, I thought it was an academy that provided training. I politely told him that I was not interested, however I asked the prices and was surprised to see that the fees did not include the exam itself (i.e. a voucher for the fees). At that moment it dawned on me that they were actually selling me that they could conduct the exam on my behalf. So far, I had not understood it because of the context and the wording of the messages. I finally told him that I was obviously not interested in this service at all and the conversation ended politely without further ado.

Weeks later I was telling a colleague about it and when I went to show it to him, I noticed that LinkedIn had blocked the messages for security reasons and you had to click on a disclaimer to see each part of the dialogue. Actually the conversation has even disappeared from my profile, but fortunately I had taken screenshots for this blog post.

I tell this to share the experience, in my case really marginal in terms of number and format, and luckily the scam did not prosper (I really doubt that they provided that service).

Anonymized screen capture of conversations

Final Tip:

In general, "serious" offers e.g. formal training, products,... come from professional accounts and are duly separated as "special" private messages with "clearly commercial interest".

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